Theatre des Petites Lanternes’ (TPL’s) projects are nourished by a blend of artistic creativity and citizen and community participation. In order to facilitate meetings between theatre artists and members of the community, the Theatre does not hesitate to draw on different artistic influences to inspire its dramaturgical approach as well as its mode of production. It is in creating these relationships that the Theatre finds its meaning.

The human being is at the heart of our theatre practice. The human, who searches, doubts, sings; who holds their tongue, who rebels… We are guided by the desire for our creative work to walk hand in hand with all those who are living both the small and great stories of humanity. This is why there is no doubt that our plays and theatrical creations are at once artistically and socially engaged.

Above all, we are artists in the city, citizens of our environment and milieu, surrounded by other citizens. It is these citizens who inspire us to create our images, our characters; we find our own stories in their unexpected stories. It’s this element of the unexpected that we try to capture. These are the human stories that we love to hear, freely voiced, without filters, and that we make our own, bringing them then right to the heart of people’s lives. Making transformation happen, together.

And in order to do this, we reinvent the traditional performance space.


For the past 15 years, from the regional to the national and the international scale, our creations have provoked questioning, awareness and transformation.

Weaving different artistic visions into our own and being inspired by how these visions influence each other, challenging ourselves in our dramaturgical choices and our modes of production. From the artist to the public; from the public to the artist. It’s the meeting between the two that we are interested in. That’s where creative imaginations can mutually nourish themselves, while nourishing our creative process and the artistic vision of the TPL. That’s where our Theatre gets its very meaning, via the very act of entering into relationship, all the while respecting our independence and our creative space.

Our innovative, human and collective approach can be divided into five main areas of artistic work :

  • Major Works
  • The Great Harvest of Words
  • Facilitated Drama
  • Theatrical Residencies
  • Landscape Theatre


At the TPL, we take the perspective that the arts play an important role in the very ecology of a society, and so we must re-examine the relationship between the artist and the community. Our links with the community inspire us to continually rethink our relationship to the public, and the relationship between the artists and the society; these links hold the pluralistic nature of our society. At the heart of our practices, these links are at the beginning, the middle and the end of each one of our creative projects.

Our theatre has an element of citizen participation. And citizen participation is part of Art.

Recognized as a social enterprise, we produce plays for the general public (adults and adolescents) that are produced across Quebec, in francophone communities across the Americas and further afield on the international scale. We are also certified as a registered charity.


playwright and theatre director

A theatre that transforms us. And transforms the world…perhaps!

There are those experiences in life that grab our minds, that pierce our hearts and souls with full force. As great is the joy we feel as we live such experiences, equally great is the emptiness that arises when they come to an end.

First and foremost: to write. To write, to keep in touch with this Breath of Life; to capture these implacable moments of humanity. And then, to pursue the process of creation, the artists and creators of the TPL coming together from different backgrounds to colour and shade these stories, in order to give them back to the public, transformed.

For over thirty years, in my work as playwright and director, and also in my work as artistic director of the TPL for almost the past 15 years, I try to make our artistic offerings into vehicles of transformation, into intimate moments, wherein these creations make sense, and when, at least for the duration of the play, the actors and spectators feel linked together.

In this way, for me, the Theatre has played a great role!!