In order to explore and strengthten the link between artistic excellence, citizen participation and social innovation—a model it holds dear—TPL continues to innovate with its artist/citizen co-creations. In collaboration with LaboKracBoom, a circus company, and la Maison des arts de la parole (literally, “Spoken Word Arts Centre”), TPL has created the “Rivières de Lumières” project (literally, “Rivers of Lights”) and is developing a new theatre form, that of Landscape Theatre. Landscape Theatre tells a story in a natural setting, outdoors and in the dark; it creates an alternative theatrical aesthetic “in situ”, lit by hundreds, if not thousands, of lanterns created by artists and by members of the community.

Rivières de Lumières

Visit the new Rivières de Lumières’website for more information: (English version available)
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In the meantime, watch 2016’s videoclip of Il faut aller par là!, a tale presented as part of Rivières de lumières.

2016’s edition: Il faut aller par là!

Vidéo d'Il faut aller par là!

2015’S Edition: Trivulus

Capture d’écran 2016-07-06 à 14.35.39

A special thanks to our partners!
Interested in a becoming a partner of Rivières de Lumières? For more information, contact us at or 819 346-4040.

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