Our Facilitated Drama projects are the fruit of a collaboration between our theatre and you, in order to create a work that is rooted in and coloured by your own reality, but which also carries the stamp of our unique artistic vision.

Be it to celebrate a special event or to raise awareness among a group of people, to deal with an issue or simply to entertain, we can help you to create a play that meets your needs.


Because theatre reaches the heart as well as speaking to the mind…

Because a dramatic character can say out loud what many are saying secretly to themselves…

Because theatre is a creative way to seek solutions and to bring about change….

The strength of our Facilitated Drama projects is that they can be so easily adapted to meet your needs. Furthermore, you become part of the creative process. The length of the play, the number of actors, the stage or setting, the style of drama, all these elements and more can be adjusted to fit your specific situation.

It’s also possible to create an interactive play, one that gets people involved, one that asks them to find solutions or even to get up onstage themeselves!

Here are some examples of plays that can be created :

Short plays
These plays typically involve some form of introduction, and a period of discussion after the play.

Forum Theatre
This format allows the audience to change the action in a play, and to explore different outcomes or new solutions

Historical plays
For your business, association or organization.

An adaptation of an already existing play; the cost varies according to each project.


See some of our Facilitated Drama projects over the years…


Get in touch with us,

Tell us your ideas, explain your needs.

Together, we’ll sit down to see how we can work together to create a unique work, one made in your own image!

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